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CEVA celebrates 100 years of developing animal vaccines at its Dessau site in Germany

13 April 2022
Ceva Santé Animale, who acquired the veterinary biopharmaceutical and R&D activities of IDT Biologika based at the Dessau site (created in 1921) in 2019, is proud of the key achievements in global vaccine development produced at Dessau. Vaccination strategies against swine erysipelas were among the first to be developed on the facility, followed in the sixties by its live erysipelas vaccine. Then, in the eighties, R&D focus on E.coli infections in calves permitted to develop various vaccines leading to the enteric colibacillosis mortality rate being reduced by 57.5 % in just six years. The Dessau site also considerably contributed to the total disappearance of rabies in Germany (effective since 2008) and reached a new milestone with the approval at the EU level of Rabitec in 2017.


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